– Call or come in to set-up an appointment for us to visit your home. We will go over an concerns you may have and also suggest plants or services that could improve your landscape. We also do full installs which typically includes irrigation, drainage, sod (grading if needed), and plant install.

– Just by looking at pictures of an area, we can walk you around our facility and show you a variety of plants that will work for that particular space.

– ProLandscape is a computer program that allows us to put a picture of your property into the computer and add pictures of the plants you would like to be planted. After doing this, it gives you a good idea of what the landscape will look like after it is installed.


-Andrew is a lighting expert and would be happy to visit your home or business. He can give you different options and price points for the goal you are trying to reach.


– Anything from a full irrigation system to adding drip or additional heads, we are able to help! We have worked with Rain Brid, Hunter, Torro, and others. If you are interested in keeping insects and biting bugs out of your yard, we can install a GreenBug System. It will keep majority of the insects out of you yard. Please call to inquire more about this system.


-We work with Low Country Paver to give you the highest quality pavers possible. We have installed paver driveways, patios, outdoor fireplaces, grill places and more. Many different styles and colors are available. Please call for pricing and further information.


We have many skills outside of the ones listed above. Please call with any questions and we would be glad to assist!