Most Popular Plants:

Trees: Crape Myrtle, Fringe Tree, Loquat, Magnolia, Maple, Oak, Redbud, and Plum

Shrubs: Bottle Brush, Eleagnus, Hawthorn, Holly, Ligustrum, Osmanthus, and Viburnum

Perennials: Asclepia, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Lantana, Rudbeckia, Salvia, and Verbena

Palms: Chinese Fan, European Fan, Mule, Pindo, Sabals (Regenerated), Sabal Minor, Sago, Saw, Sylvester, and Windmill

Patented Plants we carry:

Encore,   Endless Summer,   First Edition,   Garden Debut,   Gardener’s Confidence Collection,   Monrovia,   Proven Winner,   Southern Living,   Star Roses & Plants,   and more!

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Our sod typically arrives on Tuesday and Thursdays. We cannot guarantee that a wide variety of sod will be on site at all times due to the short shelf life. Please call and pre-order if you need more than 1/2 a pallet. A pallet covers 400-500 sq. ft. depending on the type of sod. We can order:

– Zoysia, Empire or Zeon

– Centipede

– St. Augustine/ Palmetto

Bulk Material

Cypress Blend Mulch:   Brown, Black, and Red

Pine Bark:    Mini Nugget and Regular Nugget

Soils:    Fill Dirt, Top soil, Organic Top Dressing, and Organic Planting Mix

Gravel:      57 stone, 89 stone, Granite Crusher Run, Recycled Crusher Run, and Plantation Mix

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 Pottery and Statuary

Our pottery originates from Vietnam. Each pot is hand made and colored so each one is unique. We keep a steady supply on hand but can order a specific style for you if we do not have one you like. New shipments of pottery arrive every 2 months. Pottery fountains are also available upon request.

A selection of Hand painted Mexican Pottery has recently been added to our pottery inventory. Anything from colorful pots to piggy banks to ceramic animals!


Bird baths, benches, and statuary and coming in Spring 2018!

Veneer Stone

Veneer Stone is good to make stack-stone walls. We carry a wide variety of colors and if we do not have the color you are looking for, we would be glad to get it for you.

Click here to view a list of colors: Veneer Stone Colors



Low Country Pavers supplies us with a wide variety of colors and styles of pavers to choose from. We do anything from paver driveways to a patio with a grilling bench and a fire pit. Paver jobs are priced by the sq. foot. Come and see the paver sample we have at our store. Also, ask about scheduling for someone to give you an estimate to design your dream patio!!


Please call /email and let us know what you would like to see at our store!

(843) 540-4928